Resistance training doesn’t have to be painful

Effective ways of using resistance bands to improve rider performance.

Balance Training with Foam Rollers

I love my foam roller sessions, although I’m not sure all of my class attendees always agree. Using a foam roller is an excellent way of working on balance in a way that can mimic being on a horse, but it is seriously hard to get to grips with. In many ways balancing on aContinue reading “Balance Training with Foam Rollers”

Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?

Simply put, yes! There are a number of reasons why, physical and mental, and in this blog I will try to get through them all. Horses were domesticated by humans for our own benefit – you know that of course – but how often do you think about the physical aspects of that? The horse’sContinue reading “Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?”

The art of multitasking

One thing that is certain is that riding a horse in any capacity requires multitasking. I can vividly remember a lesson a few years ago with Charlie Hutton at Talland, where we were working on improving the canter for pirouettes. Charlie is a very technical teacher, which I like, but my brain nearly melted withContinue reading “The art of multitasking”