What is the lumbar spine and why does it matter?

Why the lumbar spine is so important for the rider

Saddle update

I’m not quite sure what is going on with the above picture of Lizzie as she looks like she has no neck development whatsoever and resembles more of a yak than a dressage horse in training….we had just come back from a quick whiz on the moor so possibly she was a little tired? Anyway,Continue reading “Saddle update”

What Physiotherapy and Pilates can do for you

Obviously I’m a little biased, being a Physio who’s trained in Pilates. There are of course many other therapy options available, but as this is a blog about Physio and Pilates, that is what I will focus on! In case you have never been to see a Physio and so don’t know what we do,Continue reading “What Physiotherapy and Pilates can do for you”