Who watched any of the London 2012 Olympics Dressage? Of course I was biased and wanted Charlotte and Valegro to win regardless, but when comparing their test to that of Adelinde Cornelisson and Parzival, for me there was no contest. Charlotte and Valegro were soft, relaxed and flowing, Adelinde and Parzival were strong but tenseContinue reading “Tension”

Self Carriage for the Rider

The other week in Horse and Hound I read a great article by Carl Hester. To be fair, all of Carl’s articles are great, but this one really struck a cord with me because he identified a concept that I think sums up so much of what I am aiming to achieve through Ready toContinue reading “Self Carriage for the Rider”

Practise makes perfect; using visualisation

You are probably familiar with the phrase ‘Practise makes perfect’. It isn’t always exactly true, especially when it comes to riding, because of the subjectivity involved when it comes to competition. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for perfection in whatever area we chose to work on. When it comes to any skill, theContinue reading “Practise makes perfect; using visualisation”

Some difficult truths

This entry is going to be a little off on a tangent, so I hope you don’t mind not getting any riding tips this time. Instead I feel compelled to share the mixed thoughts I have had for quite some time about the whole riding thing, and which have been at the forefront of myContinue reading “Some difficult truths”

Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?

Simply put, yes! There are a number of reasons why, physical and mental, and in this blog I will try to get through them all. Horses were domesticated by humans for our own benefit – you know that of course – but how often do you think about the physical aspects of that? The horse’sContinue reading “Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?”

…..and breathe

How many times in a lesson have you been told to breathe? Or when warming up before a test or jumping round, do you realise that you are holding your breath? It is an ‘issue’ that crops up for me before competing, especially if I’m nervous. It also gets a mention during Pilates at leastContinue reading “…..and breathe”

The art of multitasking

One thing that is certain is that riding a horse in any capacity requires multitasking. I can vividly remember a lesson a few years ago with Charlie Hutton at Talland, where we were working on improving the canter for pirouettes. Charlie is a very technical teacher, which I like, but my brain nearly melted withContinue reading “The art of multitasking”