symmetry in the saddle
Symmetry in the Saddle – a new online course

Symmetry in the Saddle  – online, self-study Rider Fitness


Where did the idea come from?

Last summer I questioned riders through social media about what areas they felt they most needed help with in their off-horse training. The most common theme was symmetry, and so, that is the focus of my latest online course!

Symmetry is essential for us as riders. Asymmetry in us results in asymmetry of load through to the horse, and asymmetry of our communications systems, aka seat and contact. It’s an area we must, unfortunately,  work on endlessly. Day to day habits, postures, work, injuries, ‘handedness’ (the list goes on…) all impact on our symmetry, so we keep working to address it.

What does the course involve?

Symmetry in the Saddle consists of 8 sessions of approximately 10-15 minutes duration. They are designed to be worked through over the course of 4 weeks – so 2 sessions a week – but  longer if needed. For example, some sessions – or elements – might need to be repeated a few times before moving on to the next session. You will find a real mix of Physio and Pilates work, and lots of tips and advice there too.

Each week is divided into 2 parts; the first is all done in standing, including exercises that can be done throughout the day. The second part is floor based. There is also some equipment involved, namely resistance bands and a step. Don’t let not having any resistance bands put you off  – you can get some very easily online, not least from Trimbio, and there is a link to their online shop on the services page here.

The whole course is progressive, gradually taking you through more complex and challenging exercises to develop dynamic symmetry. After all, riding is very dynamic, so we ultimately need to be able to maintain our symmetry whilst on the move!

How much does it cost?

Currently this course is on offer! Until Christmas you can purchase for £48.75 which is 25% off, if you use the code SIS22 at the checkout. After Christmas the course will be available for it’s full price of £65. Although this is a 1 off purchase, you will have lifelong access. This means you can revisit all or part of the course at any time, you can refresh specific areas, and access any changes I make in the future.

I’ve also out my Pregnancy and Post-Natal Fitness for Riders courses on offer – also 25% off if you use the code Bonus22 at the checkout.

I really hope you’ll like this  – I love helping riders improve and think this is a great way to work at home in a structured way.