Pilates Classes

My style of teaching is very much a mix of my Physio experience, Pilates training and my riding experience.

This means that everything we cover has prevention as well as rehabilitation at the core; I aim to improve your body awareness, strength, balance and co-ordination to help prevent problems arising, and aid recovery from existing conditions and improve movement patterns.

Remember that with the human body – as with our horses – there is no quick fix, and you need to be working continually to counteract the effects of day to day life, unhelpful habits and old/new injuries. By working on yourself regularly, you have a greater chance of maintaining symmetry and movement patterns that are more helpful for riding.

Riding is a skilled sport, requiring a high degree of coordination, which is why you will find Ready to Ride Pilates classes involve a considerable number of exercises which involve the brain, working on multitasking in as similar way to riding as is possible off a horse!

ready to ride pilates classes
ready to ride pilates classes

What to expect…

Your previous experience and current health status should not be a barrier to you enjoying and benefitting from Pilates. The majority of exercises that I include have 2 or 3 levels of difficulty, and I teach them all so you can work at a level which suits you.

Although not being face to face means I can’t correct you individually, you will receive prompts throughout each session to keep you on track. Trust me, I know pretty much every cheat in the book! You’ll also learn information about your body that I bring up as we go, and any interesting new research findings I come across.

Each week, usually the evening before the class, you will find a notification in the Facebook group telling you what equipment we will be working with. It doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have a particular piece; I provide suggestions for alternatives, and most – if not all – the exercises can be done without the equipment.

Last but not least, I aim to keep the class fun. I acknowledge my faults and mistakes and don’t mind laughing at myself and I hope this means you will not feel pressured to be perfect all the time too.

Hopefully you now have all the information you need, but if you have any questions please get in touch. I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Monthly Subscription

This group will run on a monthly basis; £20 per month, and a class every single week! Once you have paid, follow the link below to the Facebook group page.

Unfortunately, I am not able to accept anyone from Australia, Canada or the USA for insurance reasons.

Please note: We can confirm this payment tab is for a membership and not for a wordpress subsciption. We are working with Stripe to get this issue resolved.

Youtube Videos

These short sessions are perfect for fitting into your busy schedule or before you ride. If you have more time then you can create your own longer session by running through several back to back.

For those of you who already do a weekly class but feel that you need to ‘top up’ through the week, then these sessions do the trick nicely.

ready to ride pilates and physiotherapy classes

“It makes me so body aware. How can my horse half pass evenly if I can’t?!”