Pilates Class Taster session offer

I know that sometimes the decision to try a new type of exercise, or to go with a different instructor, can be a challenging one. Will you enjoy it? Will you like the teaching style? Will you feel the benefits?

It’s a big commitment to sign up to a course or term when you don’t know if it’s the right thing for you. So that is why, for the whole of February, I am offering one off taster sessions to my Facebook Pilates group. If you take this offer up, you’ll still get all the perks of accessing the entire back catalogue of sessions. You could in theory do a session a day for a week – and all done at a time that suits you. For this, instead of the usual £20 subscription, you pay £10. If you then decide that you want to join properly, then you can just subscribe and continue to get your weekly session plus as many extras as you want!

If you would like to take up this offer then please get in touch and we can get your sorted out ASAP.