Pilates Class Membership

Join me for Pilates by the fire in winter, and hopefully the garden in the summer

With Facebook you can now access a weekly Ready to Ride Pilates class

A weekly live Pilates class

Every week, on a Thursday evening, I will be going live on Facebook for 45-60 minutes. This class will be aimed at riders, although anyone can join as long as they don’t mind lots of riding references!

Unfortunately, as with the Masterclass, I am not able to accept anyone from Australia, Canada or the USA for insurance reasons.

Playback if you miss it!

One of the things that I always feel guilty about with my regular Pilates classes is that if someone misses a week for any reason, then that is it. With the Facebook setup, if you can’t make the class live, then you can watch later so you never miss a week.

Monthly subscription

This group will run on a monthly basis; £20 per month, and a class every single week! Members of the Masterclass group will automatically become members, so if you want to do both you don’t have to pay twice.

Once you have paid, follow the link below to the Facebook group page.


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