Masterclass Membership

Ready to Ride Masterclass is the online group designed especially for you

In addition to all of the free information that is available here and across social media, the Ready to Ride Masterclass Group is now open to new members. In this exclusive Facebook group I will be providing monthly teaching and training on all things Physio & Pilates when it comes to riding horses. It is a place where I can share in more detail the research that I read, the reasoning behind why your body works the way it does and what you can do to improve it. It is also somewhere that like-minded, enthusiastic riders can come together to learn and discuss the trials and successes of rider improvement.

The Masterclass is £40 per month

When you have subscribed, please follow the link below to the group, ‘request’ to join and answer the quick questions!

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions in the UK, I am not allowed to accept members from America, Canada and Australia.


I will provide you with in depth teaching about functional anatomy and biomechanics, helping you to understand your own body much more. Through this new knowledge you can develop a greater body awareness in and out of the saddle, and improve your riding performance.


With tailored exercises and Pilates sessions on specific topics each month, you will learn how to move your body in symmetry, control and balance. Strengthening will also feature, with a focus on strength through range of your key muscle groups.


My background in training and competing in eventing, show-jumping and now dressage, means I can help you understand how to maximise your body’s performance in the saddle. Body awareness is the key to riding effectively.

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