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Going Green

Hopefully plenty of you are as ‘green/eco’ minded as I am. It’s in my nature to recycle, and live as environmentally friendly a lifestyle as possible. With a job that entails a fair amount of driving this can be a challenge though!. I’m certainly always on the lookout for companies who sell sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable products. So, I was very excited when I was approached by EcoGreen Equestrian Ltd to write a guest blog for them! It’s been a great chance to introduce more people to the work I do, and why I do it.

I’d not come across the company before, but I am so pleased that I have been introduced, so to speak. They sell natural products for horses, dogs and people, and as well as buying online, you may well also meet them out and about at shows. You can find out everything you need to know at .

As I’m here, apologies are due for being very lax with this blog recently. What with the day job as a Physio and teaching Pilates, and fitting in everything for Ready to Ride in my ‘spare’ time, the blog gets pushed to the back a bit. I have a couple of other writing assignments on the go at the moment too. Once the next one is published I’ll pop back here and share all the details because it’s a very exciting project!

Take care,