Change Is Afoot

It seems crazy that we are already half way through July, summer finally in full swing, and over 2 months since I started the Facebook Pilates group. Where does the time go?

However, I never keep still – physically and mentally – and I’m always looking at ways to improve the service I provide. My mind has been buzzing for the last couple of months as I work out how to organise myself to fit in a couple of exciting projects. I have also been acutely aware that the Masterclass has not quite worked out how I had envisaged it. It turns out the format just doesn’t allow me to give as much information as I would like without it turning into a lecture, and I think that it needs more exercise content. With insurance restrictions I have had to exclude people from certain countries, but this has meant I’ve had to turn people away and not grow the group as I would have liked. So, this month – July – is the last of the Masterclass in its current version. It will be back, all being well next year, but in a different format and one that should be more accessible to everyone.

You may have noticed if you visit the site here rather than just reading the blog, that it is looking a bit tired and in need of an overhaul. This is largely down to the fact that I only ever intended to have a blog to support my YouTube channel, but as Ready to Ride has developed and grown, so this sire has had to as well. I am not remotely tech savvy and have done my best, but this is not at all good enough! In the next month or so this site is being redesigned by the wonderful Alice Rose Design, and should look much more professional and also be easier to use. There will be a very exciting new addition to the site as well, so watch this space…..

In other news, I had a lesson with Pammy last week and we had a fantastic time. Lizzie finally put her histrionics about the saddle being reflocked and having a new girth behind her, and worked SO hard. Pammy was pleased with how the pirouette canter is developing, and we had success with the changes too, which are the latest thing which Lizzie has decided she doesn’t want to do!

I hope you are all keeping safe but enjoying getting out and about – take care as you go,