That Saddle issue again!

Do you get your saddle checked regularly? Looking back I think we were really lucky with Baz, because once we had got the right saddle for him, and although he did obviously change shape massively through his life, he did well with an annual check up. There are 2 reasons I think, for this. FirstlyContinue reading “That Saddle issue again!”

Hydration – the Forgotten Factor in Your Performance?

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time and effort – and possibly money – on making sure your horse has the best diet, especially if you are competing. Hydration comes into this; how much, when, do you add electrolytes etc etc. Magazines like Horse and Hound are full of articles onContinue reading “Hydration – the Forgotten Factor in Your Performance?”

Saddle update

I’m not quite sure what is going on with the above picture of Lizzie as she looks like she has no neck development whatsoever and resembles more of a yak than a dressage horse in training….we had just come back from a quick whiz on the moor so possibly she was a little tired? Anyway,Continue reading “Saddle update”

Some difficult truths

This entry is going to be a little off on a tangent, so I hope you don’t mind not getting any riding tips this time. Instead I feel compelled to share the mixed thoughts I have had for quite some time about the whole riding thing, and which have been at the forefront of myContinue reading “Some difficult truths”

A word of caution

  Generally I try to ride in all weathers; it helps keep the horses used to anything life throws at them plus I feel better for not having wimped out. Baz got quite used to schooling in the snow when we had a run of bad winters a few years ago. However, strong winds areContinue reading “A word of caution”