Baz, the inspiration behind Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride is here to help you learn how to maximise your off-horse training to benefit your ridden training. We care so much for the training and management of our horses from an early age, with all manner of therapies offered, yet so often neglect ourselves, the riders. The result of this is that half of the athlete combination is often seriously lacking the same level of management. Now is the time to rectify this.

I have been working as a Chartered Physiotherapist for nearly 20 years, and as a Veterinary Physiotherapist for 14 years. In 2011 I added Pilates to my ‘tool box’, and it changed my life both professionally and personally. My level of training with my horse Baz, was progressing upwards in a way that I had never thought possible, and I was able to back this up with seriously improving my core strength and body awareness with Pilates.

At the same time, I became ever more aware of the lack of care my clients and friends paid to themselves, usually with time and finances as the reasons. I also started to grow a little weary of the excuses given for not being able to achieve results or progress due to the lack of this that and the other. I have no proper facilities; the horses live on the edge of the Dartmoor, with a grass arena which for large parts of the year is unusable. When I can’t use the arena, it is sloping fields which when it’s wet are boggy. It takes us 30 minutes to travel to the nearest main road, so trips for training and competing are always a mission. Baz – bar a brief spell with a double bridle which he didn’t get on with – competed up to Advanced in British Dressage (and Prix St Georges in unaffiliated competitions) in a Happy Mouth snaffle and a GP saddle. I just kept thinking that if I can do it, why can’t other people?!

Alongside this, my Pilates clients were asking me to provide them with some form of out-of-class material so that they could continue to work effectively even on their own. For years I said no. Until now that is!

Ready to Ride is a free service, combining this blog site which will cover a large variety of topics which I hope will inform you and guide you as you work to improve your riding, and a YouTube channel. My aim is to include anatomy, physiology, exercises, injuries and their prevention and specific riding tips. If you have any areas that you specifically want covered then please get in touch. Before you attempt any exercises then please make sure you take a look at the Disclaimer page – boring I know but essential.

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