Time for some self analysis

Being self-analytical is hard. I don’t have a ‘proper’ school at home, and rarely have anyone observing me working either. So if I get the chance to work with mirrors, or have photos/filming done then I jump at the chance. A friend of my Mum’s – Della – lives about 30 mins away and sheContinue reading “Time for some self analysis”

Balance Training for the Rider

I have stashed away, a dressage test sheet from when I was about 15. I was riding a young horse called Tidy; an Irish thoroughbred chestnut mare. Not the textbook horse for a scrawny teenage girl, but we started affiliated eventing when she was 6 and I was 16. We did 2 Pre-Novices and aContinue reading “Balance Training for the Rider”

Symmetry challenges

We all get quite hooked on symmetry when it comes to riding, both for ourselves and horses. Rightly so, as it is obvious even if you have never experienced major asymmetry – or possibly if you are in denial which let’s face it most of us are to a degree – that symmetry makes lifeContinue reading “Symmetry challenges”