Rider Fatigue

To many non riders, riding is a passive sport where we just sit there and the rider doesn’t do anything whilst the horse or pony carries us around. That is until the non rider has a go, and hurts in places they never thought it possible to hurt, and realises how much their brain hasContinue reading “Rider Fatigue”

What Physiotherapy and Pilates can do for you

Obviously I’m a little biased, being a Physio who’s trained in Pilates. There are of course many other therapy options available, but as this is a blog about Physio and Pilates, that is what I will focus on! In case you have never been to see a Physio and so don’t know what we do,Continue reading “What Physiotherapy and Pilates can do for you”

Little and Often to get results

In our heads we probably all think we look better on a horse than we actually do – I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks I must look set to go down the centre line at WEG or the Olympics. Then I see myself in the mirror (not that this happens often asContinue reading “Little and Often to get results”

Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?

Simply put, yes! There are a number of reasons why, physical and mental, and in this blog I will try to get through them all. Horses were domesticated by humans for our own benefit – you know that of course – but how often do you think about the physical aspects of that? The horse’sContinue reading “Do YOU need to make yourself ready to ride?”