…..and breathe

How many times in a lesson have you been told to breathe? Or when warming up before a test or jumping round, do you realise that you are holding your breath? It is an ‘issue’ that crops up for me before competing, especially if I’m nervous. It also gets a mention during Pilates at leastContinue reading “…..and breathe”

A word of caution

  Generally I try to ride in all weathers; it helps keep the horses used to anything life throws at them plus I feel better for not having wimped out. Baz got quite used to schooling in the snow when we had a run of bad winters a few years ago. However, strong winds areContinue reading “A word of caution”

The art of multitasking

One thing that is certain is that riding a horse in any capacity requires multitasking. I can vividly remember a lesson a few years ago with Charlie Hutton at Talland, where we were working on improving the canter for pirouettes. Charlie is a very technical teacher, which I like, but my brain nearly melted withContinue reading “The art of multitasking”