2 Weeks To Go…

I can’t quite believe we are half way through February. Despite the misery of ongoing lockdown and the freezing weather, somehow 2021 is whizzing by. Well I hope this isn’t just me, and that you aren’t feeling that it is crawling by.

February meant moving into the 2nd month of teaching in the Masterclass Group; we started with the pelvis – or seat – in January, and moved on to hips and glutes this month. Strong glutes are essential for independently mobile hips, and and independent seat too, so another key area to get to grips with.

The group is small but growing, and I am absolutely loving having the opportunity to share my knowledge in great depth, and provide a place where members can ask whatever question they want in relation to what we cover and how that relates to riding. We cover teaching, challenge or test exercises and then a Pilates session to help you develop your body awareness in each area we cover.

Being half way through February means that it’s only 2 weeks (well on Monday) until the cost of membership goes up to £40 per month; currently it is just £20 and if you join at this fee you won’t pay more in the future. Not only that, but….in a couple of months’ time there will be another group added to the Ready to Ride teaching ‘stable’, and members of the Masterclass will get free access to this one as well. I can’t give away any details just yet, but if you are serious about your training off the horse, then this package may well be exactly what you need.

If you think I can help you more, please do get in touch. I have plenty of free information – here and on YouTube – but if you are after more intense training there are a variety of ways I can work with you.

Take care,